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Terms & Conditions


Full payment of the liner shall be made prior to completing the final A/B measurements and ordering the liner.

Final payment for the liner installation, sanding and/or grouting, water load(s), parts and/or equipment, test and balancing is due upon completion of the work.

If the client goes with a different pool company after we measure the inground liner there will be a $150 service fee.

After the measurements are sent to our supplier there is a 2-3 week wait time before we receive it. (Time may vary due to our suppliers peak times.)

There may be a price variance between the initial estimate and the final measurements calculated by our supplier.

Above ground pools will require a minimum of 1 water load and Inground pools will require a minimum of 2 water loads.

We do not replace above ground liners.



Once we provide our client contact information to our contractor then all further bookings, cancellations and billing are to be done through them.


Damaged or faulty products on purchase are subject to the return policy once all warranty agreements expire pretraining to those products.


All outstanding payments that have not begun the process of payment before 30 days on or after the time of notice are subject to a 2% compounded monthly interest charge.