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Frequently Asked Questions

What are phosphates?

Phosphate is a vital plant nutrient and the presence in swimming pool water, even at low concentrations, can cause accelerated algae growth in poorly maintained pools.  Phosphates can be found in lawn and garden fertilizers, decaying vegetation, cosmetic items on bathers (sunscreen, laundry detergent) and even other pool chemicals.

Do I have to winterize the pool myself?

No. We have trained service professionals who can come to your house and close your pool, giving you the peace of mind that the job has been done by an expert. Call or visit us today to book your appointment.

Do I have to shut off the gas and electricity?

Yes. Electrical power and gas to all support equipment must be shut off during the off-season.

Do I need to remove any accessories from the pool before closing it?

Yes. Automatic pool cleaners, portable steps, ladders, light, and solar cover must be removed from the pool and stored indoors to prevent them from being damaged during the winter.

Do pool lines need to be drained of water?

Yes. In order to prevent damage due to freezing, the swimming pool lines should be drained by using a blower or shop-vac. After the water has been drained, add pool anti-freeze to the lines, insert plugs in all returns and insert a gizmo in the skimmer hole as well as a foam block into the skimmer front.

Do I need to lower the pool’s water level before closing it up?

Yes. Use a submersible pump to lower your pool’s water level (1-4 inches) below the lowest fitting (return or suction). This allows your pool to hold any additional water that may accumulate during the winter.

When should I open my pool?

When the ice has completely melted in the pool.

What do I do if my pool is green when I open it?

Shock your pool, add an algaecide and after 12 hours bring a water sample to 4 Season Pool & Spa Care for a detailed analysis of your pool water.

How do I clean my cover and prepare it for storage?

Remove all the debris and pressure wash the cover. Apply Dazzle Cover Cleanse to the surface of your cover.   This product contains tee tree oil which prevents mold and mildew from deteriorating your cover and not only provides a fresh smell but helps deter animals.

Should I change the sand in my sand filter or replace the cartridges in my cartridge filter?

Before replacing anything, try cleaning the sand or the cartridges. We recommend our Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleaner for both types of filters. The extra strength formula removes the buildup of greases, oils and stubborn scale, and allows you to clean the filter in significantly less time.

My water is crystal clear, is my water safe to swim in?

Looks can be deceiving. Water with a very low pH may look good, however it can be very destructive to pool surfaces, concrete decks, pool equipment and bathers. It is always important to get your water tested and balanced at the start of every pool season. This helps to prolong the life of your pool.