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Closing Packages

Gold Package


  • All items in the Silver package
  • Professionally install winter cover
    $475 + HST In Ground
    $400 + HST Above Ground


Silver Package


  • All items in the Bronze package
  • 4 Season Closing Team lowers the water (chlorine only)
  • De-chlorinate the waste water while lowering the water to proper level
  • Super Chlorinate remaining pool water
    $275 + HST


Bronze Package


  • Client lowers the water
  • Blow suction & return lines
  • Add 4L of bio-degradable pool anti-freeze
  • Winterize returns & skimmer
  • Winterize all equipment (pump, filter, heater, chlorinator…)
    $200 + HST


Bronze Plus Package


  • Bronze package and professionally install the winter cover.
    $400 + HST In Ground
    $275 + HST Above Ground


Additional Costs


Fall Closing Kit – Algecide, Stain & Scale, & Shock     $49.95

Soak/Clean/ Cartridge on site                         $130

Rinse off Cartridge on site                               $75

Vacuum Pool                                                      $125

Scooping Leaves/half hour                               $120

Spillover spa, solar system                               $100

Rent a Submersible Pump                               $25

Water features (per feature)                        $50

$175.00+HST Hourly Service Rate


Important Note:  Salt Water Pools

Due to the regulations implemented by the City of Ottawa regarding Salt Water Pools, Salt water is prohibited from being discharged to the storm sewer or any adjoining property. To lower salt water pools, water must be carefully discharged to the sanitary sewer connection on your property, hauled away by a licensed hauler or discharged to the ground without flowing onto a neighbouring property, road or adjacent ravine or valley.

As a result, if you live in a residential area with a salt water pool, we will not be able to lower the pool water level for you. People who would like to lower their own pool water are welcome to rent a submersible pump from us. If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact the store or visit -Pool Maintenance Tips.